Takahashi Hiroko Oshiage studio
opening exhibition

Date : Oct. 2014

Place : Takahashi Hiroko Oshiage studio, Tokyo

This series is born from the processes of taking old kimonos that are unstitched, de-colourised, re-dyed with dots and re-tailored. In a time the kimono was casual-wear, to re-dye the parent’s kimono, re-tailoring one for the child was commonplace. It is difficult to find joys in preciously using materials or things these days but freshness and stimulation are not only gained from new creations. What was once obvious appears fresh in the present. The experience of knowing what was unknown is new simply because of that. To “renovate” a kimono is to innovate the ways to approach, to think in the present.

Photo : Shiori Kawamoto